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Expert Guidance

We quickly go from one competitive stage to the next, first education and then a sophisticated global job market. The pressure!  Are you applying for your first job and don't know where to begin? What do you do when you want to work in an area where you lack experience? Are you completing your Ph.D. and wondering what next? Take a deep breath - we can help and offer a range of services.

The job market is increasingly competitive and landing a job, let alone your dream job is particularly challenging.  We want to help you get the best possible position to set you up for a productive career.  As a new graduate, you might be unsure where to start, and we can help you every step of the way.  We offer various options depending on where you need help. You can combine services or build your own - get in touch with us!


This option is for recent college graduates who require assistance with getting started and are unclear on the types of jobs or fellowships they should pursue - and more importantly, how to pursue them effectively.  In this service we will:

  • Identify strengths, passion, and areas for improvement

  • Determine fields to explore based on interests​

  • Align opportunities for growth with interests and strengths

  • Best practices for applying to fellowships/jobs in the field(s) we identify together

  • Includes 4 sessions of coaching (60-90 minutes each session)


This option is ideal for recent graduates who require assistance with the job application process and require interview coaching. This service includes:

  • Assistance with navigating the job search process

  • Creating a portfolio page

  • Interview coaching (phone and in-person)

  • Learning how to schmooze

  • Includes 4 sessions of coaching (60-90 minutes each session)


This option is ideal for recent graduates who do not have significant job experience and need tips on getting noticed by employers. This service is also a perfect option if you want to apply to jobs that are outside your degree major:

  • Building your brand

  • Marketing your skills when changing fields

  • Establishing a professional network

  • Includes 3 sessions of coaching (60-90 minutes each session)


This option is for doctoral students or recent Ph.D. graduates who are seeking guidance applying to positions within and outside of academia; we know it's an elusive process and in this service, we'll cover the following:

  • Creating transparency regarding salary; postdoctoral versus research track versus industry

  • Negotiating salary for academic and non-academic positions

  • Hard money versus soft money

  • Start-up package

  • Transitioning to industry 

  • Helping you weigh different options

  • Includes 3 sessions of coaching (60-90 minutes each session)