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After your purchase:

You will receive instructions to download an online form where you can enter your application information for our review. The process takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and requires a combination of data entry and uploading files. We ask you to have the following items handy:


  • Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose (Draft only)
  • Resume/CV
  • Unofficial Transcript (we do not require official copies and accept computer screenshots, PDF, Word or JPEG/PNG files)
  • Recommendation information (we ask a series of questions regarding your letters and do not request a document) 
  • Standardized test score (we ask you to enter your score if you have this available)

Please note that we can review incomplete applications but this will affect the quality of your assessment.


Your Results:


Within one week of your submission, we will email you a summary of your strengths and weaknesses. We will include suggestions for improvement so that you can address issues before submitting your application. While we cannot guarantee acceptance into your desired program/school, we can ensure that you are submitting the strongest application possible. 


We recommend completing the preliminary application several months before the actual submission process so that you can incorporate changes promptly. As examples, we may recommend taking another course in a particular area to show proficiency, or re-taking a standardized test or finding a new recommender! If you want to submit a thoughtful and competitive application our feedback is essential.


Selecting purchase means you understand the following:

We do not guarantee admission into any program, as this is illegal and immoral. You will receive a summary of your strengths and weaknesses along with potential suggestions to incorporate into your final application. This product does not provide proofreading or editing. Bridge Admissions uses confidential processes and will not use, share or distribute any of your application information.  Please review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Preliminary College or Graduate School Application Review & Assessment

  • You will receive a JPEG file with instructions to access the online form.